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Ellie H, Southampton: 'Best invention ever - now my boyfriend won't moan at his stained sheets! haha'

Jules W, London: 'Love my Tansie, no longer have to use my horrible tanning PJs!'

Jodie S, Wales: 'Already washed mine, so happy I can actually re-use it! amazing'

Samantha J, Essex:'Hell Yes! Thank god for the Original Tansie, no more messy sheets and I love the pinkness!'

Lydia P, London:'My mums prayers have been answered! No more tango sheets!'

Jane L, Liverpool:'Me and the girls have just had a Tansie party!!haha Love our Tansies, our fresh tans always look perfect!'

Charlotte M, Brighton'This should so be on Dragons Den!haha Love my Original Tansie, my new beauty bff!!'

Milly B, Manchester:'No more walking round half naked after my tan! Genius, totally love it!'

Emma C, Glasgow:'Took this away with me on my easter hols, no joke saved my hotel bed sheets from staining - my new must have!'

Lucy N, London:'So my fam think I look a little crazy in this, but my mum loves that I no longer stain my sheets or the sofa'

Ella B, Cheshire:'At first I thought OMG, what is this going to look this. But honestly it's been a life save, plus I've already washed mine twice!'

Lucy N, Cardiff:'My landlord came to compain about the stained beds, and I showed him this and he bought the whole house them! haha briiliant life save'

Alex M, Brisbane:'So my tanning essentials now consist of tanning matt, exfoliator glove, moisturiser and my Original Tansie - love it!'

Sarah P, Ireland:'Used mine to tan, re-decorate my bedroom and do some DIY - what a lovely effective product!'

Gemma S, Wolverhampton:'I spotted this on instagram and thought I'd try it - hand on heart, this product is fantastic. Simple but SO effective!'

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